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 New Guy. I need help sourcing a d16y8 block

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PostSubject: New Guy. I need help sourcing a d16y8 block   Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:10 pm

How's it going? I was in the Honda scene a long long time ago. My nephew just purchased a 98 civic ex and it has a spun bearing. I'm trying to find a d16y8 block or a d16z6 or even a d16a6 if I have to. I just need the crankshaft. if anyone has one and is willing to sell or knows where I can get one fast let me know......even if it's in mex. I'm pretty good at taking civics apart and am willing to help anyone out.. just hit me up.
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New Guy. I need help sourcing a d16y8 block
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